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Her body grew by 1 cm making her height 22 cm. Specific conditions for each item are listed on the item page.

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Licca-chan bangs flowing medium blonde. No returns or exchanges. Licca-chan, her family and friends evolved generation by generation to reflect the vogue of the time period. The character setting has some variations depending on the time and is Rica chan constant.

Additionally, her parents were also known as an ideal married couple, Rica chan, ideal parents leading to an ideal family life. We Rica chan keep the order for five days after sending an invoice. Her body size is the same as the second generation and her mouth is open instead of closed.

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Rica chan of the key secrets behind Licca-chan's popularity was her unique profile the developers have created. Article Talk. This item can be shipped outside of Japan.

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If you have any questions or concerns, contact us before ordering. We also have Rika's family, so please contact us for more information, Rica chan. She depicted fashion, careers and family life of that era. Download as PDF Printable version. Pictures on our website may be a sample image and may not reflect the item delivered.

Licca-chan's hair is close to blond and Chiar girl eyes were bigger. Payments will be paid Rica chan Japanese yen.

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The price in the foreign currency is a rough estimate. Takara has provided an extensive background story for the Licca-chan doll, including an age 11where she attends school, names and occupations for her parents, and her favorite books Anne of Green Gables and A Little Princess. Items in our store are second-hand and may have slight damage.

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Licca-chan's hair is a lighter brown and it is straight. Read Edit View history. There Rica chan various types, and there are also Rika-chan dolls that are limited to Japan, Rica chan.

The stars in her eyes increased to three and she wore magnetic heels.

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Takara Rika strap festival Licca-chan Kuwana stone Tosai. Licca-chan also likes Doraemon. Along with her UrsulaRica chan, Gants and Spearmint records, she toted a pair of pink Converse running shoes, grey "leather" pants, headphones, Rica chan, layered hoody and a blonde bob haircut.