If necessary, moulded supports can be finished by reheating.

wood casting by hilla shamia

User Last Name. Thanks to its excellent mouldability, Woodcast can be perfectly Woodcasting to fit all anatomical shapes. User First Name. Sign up to receive the latest deals, new Woodcasting alerts, and industry insight from Performance Health US.

Woodcasting note this can take up to a minute. The material has been CE and FDA approved sinceWoodcasting, and has been featured in several peer-reviewed studies. The company has several granted patents and new applications pending or in the making for materials and applications.

As a biodegradable material, Woodcast can be disposed of as biowaste or energy waste, which helps to reduce the volume of waste requiring special treatment. We're guaranteeing Woodcast will work for you. Once the desired shape is found, Woodcasting, instantly Woodcasting it with Freeze Spray, Woodcasting.

Woodcast: the material changing splints and casts forever

It's easy to use and remould. Woodcast works anywhere with electricity — no faucets, Woodcasting, sinks, or special ventilation needed. User Information, Woodcasting. As a self-adhesive material, it can be used to make multi-dimensional supports of any shape by increasing the rigidity locally Woodcasting applying more layers. Onbone is seeing a surge in interest from European veterinary clinics.


Dogs and other animals chew on their casts, Woodcasting, Woodcasting the use of microplastics and toxic materials can be harmful. Company Information. Password Password Strength: No Password. We need splints in many sizes for different animals and applications, and Woodcast has been working well for our purposes — we teach it to all new veterinary medicine students, Woodcasting.

WoodCasting by Hilla Shamia

It can always be reheated to find the perfect shape, Woodcasting. Confirm Password. Splinting should be safe, simple and effective. In the short time I have been using the material, Woodcasting, it has proven versatile, clean and remarkably easy to apply.

We have been using Woodcast for several Woodcasting.

Don't miss out! With Woodcast, Woodcasting get a great custom-fit that can be applied quickly and safely, Woodcasting. Woodcasting you registering as part of a business or organization? Woodcast stays moldable for two minutes. Woodcast consistently performs well in comparison to traditional casting materials.

This splinting material is a delight to use. The average hospital saves kg waste and 10, liters of water by Woodcasting Woodcast. We use Woodcast for all applications, Woodcasting. It took some time to get used to the material, but after several weeks it became easier.

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User Email Address. Uppsala University in Sweden has also started using Woodcasting. Billing Account Number. This Company has been verified.